The Manufacturing unit was established in 1996, the production activity was initiated in 1997 - 98. Todays production capacity is to produce 800 Barrels of 205/210 ltr and 2500 Drums of smaller capacity in a day. Slowly and gradually our integrated maintenance department did start introducing all needed engineering spares. This speciality has prompted the management to plan the machineries project. Today this unit is an ISO - 9001:2000 company and manufacturing all kinds of machineries for Drums and Barrel Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries and also undertake the job of Fabrication with required new machineries.

Directors Profile

The Company and it's management team is fully promoted by Mr. Upendra Naik. He is a simple businessman, but in his business he has his decency and honesty. He belives in implementing stringent Quality system with clean transparency.

He started his business career by way of producing epoxy drums and barrels which is applied on metal surface, Side by side he was keen in the job of fabrication. In 1996 his first manufacturing unit was established and today this unit is producing 50000 drums in a month {smaller capacity}. Next couple of years, started another manufacturing unit which produces all capacity MS Drums including 200/210 litres. This vast experience and expertisation of fabrication and fabricating construction has made his mind into the engineering item. That was the time he set up his target for new project of engineering product in particular, Engineering Machineries for Drum / Barrel Manufacturing and all kinds of other machineries, with the full service of installation and maintenance. Now his focus is not only to cater this product in locally but also in overseas market.

Upendra Naik - Director


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